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  • Take advantage of our special offer of a combination of methods in section Special offer

The special limited offer

IVF DO Optimal Plus + KET G
for a special price

Due to the increased interest of new donors in egg donation program, we are able to offer to a higher number of clients a highly successful treatment using our best egg donation program with cryoembryotransfer guarantee (frozen embryo guarantee).

The program includes:

  • Fresh oocytes – the highest treatment success!
  • Fertile Plus – the newest sperm selection method
  • EmbryoScope – the best type of cultivation and continuous monitoring of embryos
  • EmbryoGlue – support for embryo’s nidation
  • Assisted Hatching – support for embryo’s implantation
  • Vitrification – fast freezing of embryos

+ Initial consultation and sperm freezing is free of charge!

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