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INNOVATIVE ASPIRATION NEEDLE: optimizing performance in oocyte retrieval with puncture

The egg cell (oocyte) is the largest cell in the human body. Obtaining a maximum number of intact oocytes at puncture following stimulation is very important for a successful outcome of the entire treatment process.

We have recently started using the innovative SENSE needles with only 0.9 mm tip, as opposed to a standard 14 mm tip. Moreover, the needle tip has a special laser marking for perfect ultrasound visibility during the procedure. The bevel grinding of the tip provides extraordinary sharpness, exact precision and utmost safety.

The advantages of these needles include:

  • reduced ovarian traumatization
  • significantly lower post-operative pain
  • significantly lower risk of bleeding

The results have been proven in a prospective, randomised clinical study in Sweden involving 257 patients. The study has demonstrated that the use of these needles resulted in a significantly lower incidence of post-operative pain, namely 19% less than in the standard needle group of patients. Less vaginal bleeding was also demonstrated.

At the same time, the retrieval procedure was not prolonged and oocyte quality was not affected. This has also a positive impact on the comfort and compliance primarily in anxious patients.


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