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PICSI: Only Mature Sperms Fertilize an Egg

Couples, who experienced a failure in fertilization at other clinics, often come to us. We offer them a PISCI method, which is an improvement of the ICSI procedure. Only specially selected sperms are used for the fertilization, which we inject into the egg. The probability of fertilization is thus greatly increased.

In what cases is PICSI suitable:

  • repeated unsuccessful IVF or even ICSI
  • poor embryo quality
  • repeated miscarriages

Watch the video to see how PICSI works

Hyaluronan labels quality sperms

Long flagellum, well-shaped neck and head. According to the right appearance the embryologist chooses a suitable sperm for insemination carried out with the use of ICSI method. However, even a sperm which looks healthy at first glance may disappoint.

Conversely, the selection of sperm using PICSI method, where we use natural substance hyaluronan, is very reliable. Hyaluronan is a substance that surrounds the egg, and significantly contributes to the bond between the egg and the sperm. Only mature sperms are able to bond with hyaluronan.

Moreover, sperms selected in this way contain less genetic abnormalities and we will receive better quality embryos by using them.

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