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IVF DS – donor sperm

Description of treatment

IVF-DS - Darované spermie

In case of unsuccessful fertilization attempts using her partner’s sperm, egg cells of a woman are fertilized by the sperm of an eligible anonymous donor.

Sperm donation is legal in the Czech Republic and it is subject to rigorous control by the state authorities. Sperm donors are healthy men between 18 and 40 years of age. All donors undergo a thorough medical screening assessing their physical as well as psychological health condition. Genetic testing aimed at detecting/ruling out genetic disorders, as well as STD testing for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases ( HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, chlamydia) form an integral part of the medical screening.

An eligible donor is selected by our doctors on the basis of the questionnaire you have filled out. You will receive all non-identifying information about the donor ( age, appearance, blood type, interests etc…)

Spem donation is anonymous. According to the current legislation a child born as a result of sperm donation has no rights to seek identifying information about the sperm donor, even after the child has reached the age of 18.

Sperm donors are compensated for their effort and accrued expenses relating to sperm donation.

Treatment – step by step

  • The cycle phases are the same as in IVF with own eggs (see A), except that fertilization is performed using donor sperm.
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