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Hysteroscopy:  examination of uterine cavity directly at your doctor’s office

Hysteroscopy is a gynecological endoscopic procedure when a uterine cavity is examined from the inside with an optic tool – hysteroscope.

In diagnostic hysteroscopy the physician will examine uterine cavity including ostia of uterine tubes, he will evaluate uterine mucosa (endometrium), and if necessary, he can take a sample of endometrium for further histological analysis. In surgical hysteroscopy the physician will additionally perform minor surgical procedures (e.g. removal of polyps, adhesiolysis…).


Our clinic is equipped with the most modern and thinnest compact hysteroscope CAMPO TROPHYSCOPE by STORZ Company, with the external diameter of only 2,9 mm. It has been especially designed for outpatient hysteroscopy performed directly at the doctor’s office. It provides the utmost comfort for both the patient and the physician.

Main benefits of outpatient hysteroscopy for our clients:

  • short 5–10 min. and minimally painful procedure with immediate evaluation and image documentation
  • no need of preoperative tests
  • no need of hospitalization
  • no need of anesthesia
  • no need of dilatation and associated risk of cervical trauma – that is particularly favorable in the treatment of infertility.

For further information, click on the picture and you can view technical description of the machine:

When should the outpatient hysteroscopy be performed:

  1. if abnormalities in the uterine cavity are suspected – e.g. polyps, adhesions, fibroids etc.
  2. if chronic inflammation of endometrium is suspected
  3. if narrowing or deviation of endocervical canal is suspected – e.g. conditions after curettage, abortion, Cesarean section
  4. in case of incorrect and irregular or insufficient endometrial growth
  5. during and after irregular bleedings, above all in preparation for en embryo transfer
  6. after difficult and complicated transfers, with the aim to find the optimal way for transfer catheter
  7. after unsuccessful transfers.

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