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EmbryoGen®: a culture medium supporting embryo implantation

It is a new culture medium containing natural growth factors (= cytokines) which are present in the mother’s body during pregnancy and significantly contribute to the positive immune response of the organism. Low level of these cytokines in females leads tofaulty communication between embryo and uterus, mismanagement of implantation, and ultimately to rejection (expulsion) of the embryo.

Cytokine (GM-CSF) contained in the EmbryoGen® medium creates for embryos cultivated “in vitro” an environment that more closely resembles the “in vivo” environment (in natural conditions) and thereby increases their ability to implant (dig into the uterine lining) and remain implanted (keep itself in mucous membrane), and grow further.

Use of this cultivation embryo is indicated for women with:
Přístroj pro vitrifikaci

  • unsuccessful embryo implantation
  • spontaneous abortions in case history

Demonstrable efficacy of EmbryoGen® medium

Efficacy has been demonstrated in a large multi-center study (more than 1,300 Danish and Swedish women, 14 IVF centers), whose results were published in 2013. The use of EmbryoGen® medium had a significantly positive effect on patients who had previously had an abortion – a 28% increase in the number of children born alive.

EmbryoGen® presents a new opportunity to prevent the occurrence of an error in embryo implantation and the occurrence of premature abortions.

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