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EmbryoScope™: Continuous Monitoring 24 Hours a Day Improves Embryo Selection

We will increase the chances of getting pregnant by choosing only the best quality embryos. Thanks to the 24-hour monitoring we can identify them well. We scan them by microscope, which is directly in the incubator.

Comparison of conventional and continuous monitoring for IVF:

Normal MonitoringContinuous Monitoring
At certain time intervals, the physician pulls the embryos out of the incubator and evaluates their development under the microscope.

Then he returns them again to the incubator.

The microscope scans the embryo continuously.

The microscope is placed directly in the incubator, so there is no need to move the embryo.

Stable environment for the development of embryos.

Reduction of the risk of an accident and contamination.

Benefits of continuous monitoring:

  • The embryos are in a stable environment, they have “tranquility for development“.
  • The microscope scans them 24 hours a day.
  • Recording of the microscope is processed on the computer where the embryologist has a complete documentation and has the opportunity to reverse engineer.
  • Allows you to detect disorders of cell division.
  • Provides more accurate data.
  • Physicians better evaluate the best quality embryos for transfer to the uterus and freezing.

Verified benefits of continuous monitoring – the EmbryoScope™:

The benefits of continuous monitoring of the embryos’ development, recognition of inaccuracies or division disorders, selection of the most promising embryos are described in many studies (study1, study2, study3).

Watch the video to see how the record from EmbryoScope looks:

For more information about the EmbryoScope method click on the image below:

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