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Feedback from our clients...

2/2020 Me and my husband are very glad you helped us on our way to get the baby. I have a positive test, perhaps I won't miscarry, I am afraid, but I am positive.


O. L., USA

1/2020 We felt very good in your clinic during the treatment. We will definitely recommend you to our friends. Now we are waiting for the result of HcG, keep your fingers crossed.


Z. R., UK

12/2019 Many thanks to the IVF Europe team for help to make our dream come true. Our daughter was born on time, she is healthy and beautiful.


W., A., UK

5. 8. 2019 Hello dear Maria, finally, today I got to the doctor, everything is normal, pregnancy 7 weeks, a little blood, but the doctor says that there are no complications. I want to thank you very much, you and your friendly team, you work wonders and fulfill dreams.. Thank you for your support, may God protect you 😘😘😘


Y. K., Ukraina

2. 5. 2019 Hi Marija I’m sorry I’m only emailing you now but I have wonderful news I’m here gazing at my little bundle of pure joy! I had a baby girl 6 weeks ago and she is the love of our lives. I want to thank you all so much for our little miracle. I never would have experienced motherhood and this absolute pure love without you all! We have two frozen embryos still with yourself and we are wondering what time frame should we get them transferred, we don’t want to leave it too long due to me being menopausal already. I would love a realistic opinion. I will forward some pictures to you, she is just divine! Sending all of my love and thanks


T. M., Ireland

19. 4. 2019 Dear Marija, We just wanted to say thank you to you and the team for helping our dream become a reality. Here are some pictures of our 3 weeks old daughter.


M. T., Monako

6. 4. 2019 Dear Marija, Giulia arrived Friday morning via elective c-section. She was term at 38 weeks, 3665 kg and 53 cm. She is in perfect health and very pretty. Many thanks to you, Dr Kult and the team at the centre for making our dream come true. Kindest regards,


M. S., Schwitzerland

20. 12. 2018 Hello Dr.Kult, hope you are fine. Wanted only to wish you happy holiday and Merry Christmas. You made me the most beautifully boy in the world. We will celebrate soon 1st year. Thank you ones again. We are so greatfull for this miracle😇😗😙


M. I., UK

30. 10. 2018 Hi Marija, We are delighted to let you know that our 8 week ultrasound was done today and we have two healthy developing babies. I have continued on the medications you suggested and have added something to help with morning sickness. Thanks,


F. T., USA

24. 10. 2018 Hi Marija, I have had the blood test to confirm my pregnancy. I have also had an ultrasound. As you can see from the results (attached), I am pregnant with twins. Shocked is an understatement! But delighted. Thanks again for all your help. Regard


D. L., UK

15.10.2018 Hello Dina, Our baby girl have just born yesterday by c section. She is a little thinny but everything is ok. We want to thank you and all the doctors and team for helping us through all this process and to make us so happy.


N. M., Portugal

10. 10. 2018 Hi Marija, Hope you are well. Just to let you know that we got a positive pregnancy test this morning. I will be getting a blood test tomorrow to confirm pregnancy. We are both delighted with this amazing news! Thank you so much for all your help. Regards


D. L., Great Britain

Stories of our clients

After comparing and contacting many IVF clinics throughout Europe, we settled on “Europe IVF” in Prague. Our emails were answered comprehensively within hours (in excellent English). And and they would do a complete IVF cycle during our summer vacation - unlike many other clinics who closed for part of August. Europe IVF are competitively priced (a fraction of UK prices) and offer a complete service - all pre & post cycle medications, blood tests, ultrasound scans etc. In fact, rather than hassle with long NHS waiting times we found it simpler to fly London-Prague with a budget airline for a day or two and have all tests etc.. done immediately at the clinic. Europe IVF continued giving us medical advice (via email) after our return to the UK, and also posted prescriptions to us for post-cycle medications! Despite our ages (58 and 37), and both being infertile, our first IVF cycle was successful and Katrin is pregnant! Our choice of clinic turned out to be excellent in every respect, and we highly recommend Europe IVF.


B.S. and K.S., UK

Thank you for making my dream come true - I am now complete!


K.L., Germany

Thank you for being with us and helping to make our family complete. Our warmest thanks to Dr. Kult for his magic!


T.N., Canada