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EUROPE IVF International s.r.o., a center of assisted reproduction, was founded in 2010 with the aim to establish a private clinic providing complex infertility treatment.

In the first years of its existence our center focused mainly on foreign clients. Our excellent results have ranked us among the most successful European centers of assisted reproduction. We are very pleased that we might have helped many couples from Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Serbia or even Australia or the United States to have their desired child.

  • In 2013 our center of assisted reproduction performed embryo transfer in more than 600 infertile women with more than 60 percent success rate.
  • In 2014, due to a combination of our long-time experience and maintaining the latest trends in the embryology laboratory the rate of success increased up to 66 percent.
  • In 2015 the number of performed procedures increased on average by 25 percent (Czech Republic by 140 percent, Germany by 26 percent, Italy by 15 percent, Serbia and Croatia by 19 percent) and the rate of success up to 68 percent. These numbers confirm that we have been approached by more and more new clients.
  • In 2016 again saw a growth in the number of our clients and procedures performed by an average of 20% across all client groups. For assessment of treatment success it is necessary to take the following factors into account. First, there is an increase in the number of single embryo transfers (SET), which is fully in line with current trends in IVF treatment, and secondly, as shown by our initial client statistics, 91% of them had undergone at least 1 IVF cycle and 85% of clients had experienced at least 2 IVF cycles at a different clinic. Therefore we consider the still excellent success rate of up to 67% as a great achievement. Last year we also succeeded in levelling out the percentage success rate in the age groups up to 35 years old and 35 to 40 years old for treatment with both own and donated eggs. In the case of treatment with donated eggs we were able to increase the success rate by 11% for the 35 to 40 age group compared to 2015. (statistics).
  • In 2017 and 2018, was noticed another significant increase in the number of interventions. In 2017 the number of clients from Czech Republic and from English-speaking countries was increased the most, and in 2018 the number of German couples treated with us, increased by 13%. More frequently, we have been contacted by single women, at the age when they are still fertile, with a request for egg freezing (social freezing). In the previous and also this year, we are making more and more efforts to improve the quality of treatments. We implemented further innovations, which contributed to the higher success of the treatment. Firstly, we have extended laboratory methods for complex endometrial testing (EMMA, ALICE, ERA test, NK cells and plasma cells screening), and also we added a new method for selecting the best sperms for fertilization (Fertile Plus). Beside that, we have started using the new slimm needle for ovarian puncture, which is very gentle for ovarian interventions (SENSE needle), thus reducing the potential risk of postoperative complications. We are very pleased, that we are able to consistently achieve a high success rate of up to 75% every year, despite the increasing number of performances and increasing number of “medically more complicated” clients. We are proud of what we will achieve together with you, the future parents. Our happiness is our utmost reward.

With effect from January 2017 we have accreditation from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and are entitled to organise an education programme in the area of reproductive medicine as part of post graduate medical education.

MUDr. Martin Valachovič
Head Consultant

MUDr. Jan Rapsa

Lucie Jašek, DiS.
Head Nurse


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